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April 25, 2003

Patriot Act II: An Interview with Electronic Frontier Foundation's Cindy Cohn

An interview with Cindy Cohn, Legal Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, focusing on the impending debate and strong possibility of enactment of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act, or 'Patriot Act II.' Thanks to SlashDot for pointing this one out.

--> www.techfocus.org
(story will possibly move to www.techfocus.org/comments.php?id=3101&catid=34)


The website of a committee of women at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. "Women@SCS aspires to revolutionize the way women are viewed in technological fields. We work to enhance the lives of those in computer science everywhere. Our website exists to provide a useful resource for all interested people, both on campus and worldwide. The committee appreciates the hard work being done by its members on our behalf and hopes to lead the way to a bright future." Although mainly aimed at Carnegie Mellon folks, there's information of interest to people elsewhere too.

--> wascs.sp.cs.cmu.edu/

April 20, 2003


"Wise-Women is an international community and network dedicated to supporting women who work as, or aspire to becoming, Web designers, developers, and programmers. Our members are talented, dedicated people from all parts of the world, who come together and share information, tips, and concerns about developing the World Wide Web, in an environment designed to encourage women in this field." This site is new to me. When I visited today, there was a great summary of a discussion about XML from their mailing list, and there also seems to be lots of tutorials and articles. Worth checking out.

--> www.wise-women.org

April 11, 2003

Afghan women go high-tech

The UN and Cisco Systems are cooperating on a computer academy initiative for Afghans. 17 people just graduated with industry standard certificates in computer networking; 6 of the graduates are women. A small piece of the puzzle, admittedly, but a hopeful first step in bringing the country into the Internet era and integrating women into their society again. ("On the Internet, nobody can see that you're wearing a burka?")

--> www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/04/10/ afghan.women.reut/index.html

April 8, 2003

Anita Borg, visionary computer scientist, dies at 54

Forwarded via the San Francisco Women on the Web list. This is a loss to the world.

"Dr. Anita Borg tenaciously envisioned and set about to change the world for women and for technology. Believing technology will affect everything: our economic, political, social and personal lives, she fought tirelessly for the development technology with positive social and human impact. She died yesterday at her mother's home in Sonoma, California. She was 54."

--> www.iwt.org/news/anitaborg/inmemory.htm