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March 28, 2003

A New War Brings New Role for Women

From the New York Times March 28 edition, an article looking at women's integration into another technical arena — the battlefront.
"Lt. Lisa Horton, a computer network specialist who expects to be sent to the Persian Gulf soon, also felt an instant connection to Specialist Johnson [the female POW] — and kept watching. "'I don't want to say that I was proud to see her there, but it was almost like saying, "You go, girl," ' said Lieutenant Horton, 28. 'I was rooting for her as a female, in a personal way. You can get through this, show them what you've got.'"

--> www.nytimes.com/2003/03/28/ international/worldspecial/28WOME.html?pagewanted=1

March 20, 2003

Committee on Women in Statistics

A subgroup of the International Statistics Institute, this group attempts to both bolster the number of women statisticians and "to support the compilation of statistics on women, with a view to generating relevant studies concerning women's roles in the various activities in their countries."

--> www.cbs.nl/isi/cws/