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May 9, 2003

Working to Halt Online Abuse

"Our volunteers work with people currently experiencing online harassment, and help others to learn how to avoid such harassment or minimize its impact if it does occur." The founder, Jayne Hitchcock, became interested in this topic when she became the target of an angry spammer (quite a story in and of itself.) She's now a security consultant and author of several related books.

-> www.haltabuse.org

May 2, 2003

Release 4: Esther Dyson's Blog

"Well, there's no time to start a blog like when you run into Ev Williams at a conference (thanks, Tim O'Reilly) and he offers to help personally to set you up with your very own blog... a lot of what I do is stuff I simply can't write about: internal meetings with portfolio companies, corporate regime change, private briefings and such. This blog will be an experiment covering the things I *can* talk about. But now I need to give this machine back so they can close the exhibit...." With that, Esther Dyson kicks off her new home on BlogSpot. Should be interesting reading as time goes on...

--> release4.blogspot.com/